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Electric Fencing

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Stock items are listed below. Other electric fencing components are available to order. Please contact us for more information. 

All prices include VAT @ 20 %


Ring Insulators

Ring insulator with wood screw head.

  • Shaft diameter 6mm
  • Black


Name Description Price
Ring Insulator Bag of 25 £9.90
Ring Insulator Bucket of 100 £36.00

Strain Insulator

Insulator for high tensile loads.

  • Plastic
  • Black

Name Description Price
Strain Insulator Each £0.96
Strain Insulator Packet of 25 £20.10

Rotating Wire Tensioner

Allows rapid tensioning and detensioning of wires and ropes without cutting.


Name Description Price
Rotating Wire Tensioner Each £4.50
Rotating Wire Tensioner Box of 25 £105.00

Spring Gate Set

A spring gate set consists of 4 parts:

  • gate handle
  • gate handle insulator
  • gate tensioning spring
  • insulator for attaching the spring

Our spring gate sets are suitable for gate widths from 3 to 5 metres. 


Name Description Price
Spring Gate Set Each £13.50

Gate Handles

Standard gate handle with a galvanised hook and tension spring.


Name Description Price
Gate Handle Each £2.70