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Fencing Timber
All Prices Inclusive of VAT @ 20%

Prices last updated May 2014.

All timber pressure treated with Tanalith E

Fence Posts

 For fences up to 900 mm high, we recommend that posts should be set a minimum of 600 mm in the ground. For fences taller than 900 mm, posts should be set a minimum of 750 mm in the ground. When fences are taller than 1.8 m, it may be necessary to set posts even deeper. The taller and more exposed the fence, the more substantial the posts need to be.

Name Description Price
1.5 m 75mm x 75mm £3.35
1.8m 75mm x 75mm £4.02
2.1m 75mm x 75mm £4.69
2.4m 75mm x 75mm £5.35
2.7m 75mm x 75mm £6.02
3.0m 75mm x 75mm £6.70
3.6m 75mm x 75mm £8.04
1.5m 100mm x 75mm £4.46
1.8m 100mm x 75mm £5.35
2.1m 100mm x 75mm £6.25
2.4m 100mm x 75mm £7.14
2.7m 100mm x 75mm £8.04
3.0m 100mm x 75mm £8.93
3.6m 100mm x 75mm £10.72
1.5m 100mm x 100mm £5.94
1.8m 100mm x 100mm £7.13
2.1m 100mm x 100mm £8.32
2.4m 100mm x 100mm £9.50
2.7m 100mm x 100mm £10.69
3.0m 100mm x 100mm £11.88
3.6m 100mm x 100mm £14.26
1.8m 125mm x 75mm £6.07
2.1m 125mm x 75mm £7.08
2.4m 125mm x 75mm £8.09
1.8m 150mm x 75mm £7.32
2.1m 150mm x 75mm £8.54
2.4m 150mm x 75mm £9.77
1.5m 125mm x 100mm £7.44
1.8m 125mm x 100mm £8.92
2.1m 125mm x 100mm £10.40
2.4m 125mm x 100mm £11.89
2,7m 125mm x 100mm £13.38
3.0m 125mm x 100mm £14.87
3.6m 125mm x 100mm £17.84

Notched and Weather Topped Posts

When constructing a fence, posts are often notched to take the rails. Notching is not essential, as rails can be face fixed, but it does result in a neater job. Notching that is too deep, however, will weaken the post, so remember to use posts of a larger dimension.
Name Description Price
2.7 m 125 x 100mm, 3-notch for 75 x 50mm rail and 1.65m FEB £18.00
3.0 m 125 x 100mm, 3-notch for 75 x 50mm rail and 1.8m FEB £19.20

Other sizes can be notched to order:

  • For 2 notches and weather topping add £1.80 per post.
  • For 3 notches and weather topping add £2.40 per post.


Ready to use postcrete:

  • Ideal for timber and concrete posts
  • sets posts within 5 to 10 minutes
  • just add water - no mixing required
Name Description Price
Lafarge Postcrete 20 kg bag £5.64


Name Description Price
Bevel Rail 2.4m £3.17
Bevel Rail 3.0m £3.96
Bevel Rail 3.6m £4.75
Bevel Rail 4.8m £6.34
75 x 50mm 2.4m £3.58
75 x 50mm 3.0m £4.46
75 x 50mm 3.6m £5.35
75 x 50mm 4.8m £7.14
100 x 38mm 3.6m £5.40
100 x 38mm 4.8m £7.20
88 x 38mm 3.0m £3.38
88 x 38mm 3.6m £4.06
75 x 38mm 3.0m £3.10
75 x 38mm 3.6m £3.72

Gravel Boards

Name Description Price
200 x 22 mm 4.8m £8.35
200 x 22 mm 3.6m £6.26
200 x 22mm 2.4m £4.18
150 x 22mm 4.8m £6.34
150 x 22mm 3.6m £4.75
150 x 22mm 3.0m £3.96
150 x 22mm 2.4m £3.17
150 x 22mm 1.8m £2.38
125 x 22mm 4.8m £5.24
100 x 22mm 4.8m £4.20
100 x 22mm 3.6m £3.16
100 x 22mm 2.4m £2.10
100 x 22mm 1.8m £1.57
38mm and 50mm gravel boards also available (see the Sawn Timber section for sizes).

Feather Edge Boards

By overlapping each board by 25 mm you will use 10 boards per metre.
Name Description Price
900 mm 125 mm wide 53p
1.2 m 125 mm wide 70p
1.35 m 125 mm wide 78p
1.5 m 125 mm wide 86p
1.65 m 125 mm wide 96p
1.8 m 125 mm wide £1.04
2.1 m 125 mm wide £1.21
2.4 m 125 mm wide £1.39


All sawn timber pales are 75 x 22mm. If you leave a gap of 50 mm between pales you will use 8 pales per metre.
Name Description Price
Flat Top 600mm high 38p
Flat Top 900mm high 59p
Flat Top 1.2m high 78p
Flat Top 1.5m high 97p
Flat Top 1.8m high £1.16
Flat Top 2.4m high £1.56
Pointed Top 600mm high 62p
Pointed Top 900mm high 83p
Pointed Top 1.2m high £1.02
Pointed Top 1.5m high £1.21
Pointed Top 1.8m high £1.40
Round Top 600mm high 74p
Round Top 900mm high 95p
Round Top 900 mm high, SMOOTH (finished size 70 x 19 mm) £1.20
Round Top 1.2m high £1.14
Round Top 1.2 m high, SMOOTH (finished size 70 x 19 mm) £1.60
Round Top 1.5m high £1.33
Round Top 1.8m high £1.52

Oak Fencing

We cut oak fencing to order. Please see the Oak Fencing page for further details.

Oak picket gates are also available, and can be found on the Hand Gates page of the website.



Please see the Gate Ironwork & Fixings page for details of nails and wood screws suitable for constructing your fence.

Galvanised Nails  


PLEASE NOTE: The nature of timber is that it may shrink, split, crack and twist in hot weather as it gives up moisture into an atmosphere drier than itself, and may swell in wet weather, as it takes up moisture from an atmosphere wetter than itself.  We are not responsible for this as it is an inherent characteristic of wood; we give this information so you can make informed decisions about using wood.