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Bark & Wood Chip
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Border Bark

Mixed conifer bark. A popular bark mulch for use around shrubs and trees. Ideal for most landscaping projects. It acts as both a weed suppressant and retains moisture.

Play Bark

Pure pine bark nuggets. Normally used as a safety surface for large play areas, but can also be used for landscaping purposes.

Wood Chip

A mixture of chipped hardwood and softwood timber. Ideal for pathways.  


A composted mix of chipped branches and twigs (wood, bark and leaves). An economical mulch for use around trees and shrubs.

Bark and Wood Chip (loose)

Bark and wood chip is available loose by the forklift scoop. This is not an accurate measurement, and we are therefore not allowed to publish the volume. However, if you know the area that you wish to cover, we can help calculate the number of scoops that you require. Contact us on 0116 2608330 for more information.

Name Description Price
Mulch Product details per forklift scoop £24.00
Wood Chip Product details per forklift scoop £30.00
Play Bark Product details per forklift scoop £78.00
Border Bark Product details per forklift scoop £48.00
We deliver bark and wood chip loose by the forklift scoop using a tipping trailer. Please call for delivery prices.

Bark and Wood Chip (bags)

If you don't need a scoop, we fill our own bags too. We don't measure the contents of these either, so please see the picture below.

Name Description Price
Mulch per bag £4.50
Wood Chip per bag £5.00
Border Bark per bag £6.00
Play Bark per bag £8.00

Landscaping Fabric

Landscaping fabric is used for weed suppression in soft and hard landscape applications. It provides an eco-friendly weed control solution, while allowing plants to thrive by letting water, air and nutrients through to the soil. 

Landtex Landscaping Fabric



Name Description Price
Landtex Landscape Fabric 1 x 15 m roll £14.40
Landtex Landscaping Fabric 1 x 50 m roll £36.00
Plastic Fixing Pegs Pack of 10 £3.00