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Railway Sleepers
All prices inclusive of VAT @ 20%


New softwood sleepers are pressure treated with Tanalith E





Tanalised Softwood Sleepers

Sawn softwood sleepers pressure-treated with Tanalith preservative. Ideal for landscaping and gardening projects, such as retaining walls and raised beds. 


New Tanalised softwood sleepers

Name Description Price
2.4 m long 200 mm x 100 mm £18.00
900 mm 250 mm x 125 mm £10.20
1.2 m long 250 mm x 125 mm £13.50
1.5 m long 250 mm x 125 mm £16.80
1.8 m long 250 mm x 125 mm £20.40
2.4 m long 250 mm x 125 mm (BROWN TREATED) £30.00
3.0 m long 250 mm x 125 mm £34.20
2.4 m long 250 mm x 125 mm £27.00

Reclaimed Creosoted Sleepers

Traditional reclaimed railway sleepers. Our sleepers are relay grade, which is the top grade of creosoted sleeper (it's possible to re-use them on railway tracks - hence relay grade). They are still second-hand though, so expect some imperfections.

Reclaimed creosoted railway sleepers

Name Description Price
2.6 m long 250 mm x 125 mm £27.00

Creosoted reclaimed railway sleepers are liable to leach bitumen and creosote during hot weather. Suitable clothing, gloves & eye protection should be worn when handling creosoted products and waste should be disposed of at a suitable waste disposal site. Creosoted reclaimed railway sleepers should not be used where frequent contact happens i.e. inside buildings, for toys, in playgrounds and in parks or gardens where frequent contact occurs.

Oak Sleepers

Oak sleepers have more character than softwood sleepers. When first cut, oak sleepers are a light brown colour, but they soon weather to a silver/grey.

Sleepers are cut from a lower grade of oak than beams, and as such contain significant defects. These defects might include large knots, splits, wane and bark: An oak beam of a similar size that does not contain these defects would cost about twice as much. If you have any concerns, please visit our yard to inspect our stock.



Please be aware that oak sleepers are not a stock item:

Name Description Price
2.4 m long 200 x 100 mm £33.60
1.8 m long 200 x 100 mm £25.20
2.4 m long 200 x 75 mm £25.20
1.8 m long 200 x 75 mm £18.90
2.4 m long 200 x 50 mm £16.80
1.8 m long 200 x 50 mm £12.60

FastenMaster TimberLoks

Heavy duty timber screws designed for wood-to-wood connections. Ideal for fixing sleepers together.

  • 8 mm hex drive (drive tool included)
  • No predrilling required
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Self countersinking head
  • Removable

Name Description Price
200 mm TimberLok box 50 £44.40
200 mm TimberLok 250 box £163.20
250 mm TimberLok 50 box £48.00
250 mm TimberLok 250 box £196.80

Shorter lengths also available.

Fixing Plates

Sleeper Fixing Plates

BZP Corner Plate, 150 mm X 150 mm

Name Description Price
BZP Mending Plate Product details 150 mm £0.96
BZP Corner Plate Product details 150 mm x 150 mm £1.80
BZP Corner Brace Product details 150 mm x 150 mm £1.80


PLEASE NOTE: The nature of timber is that it may shrink, split and crack in hot weather as it gives up moisture into an atmosphere drier than itself, and may swell in wet weather, as it takes up moisture from an atmosphere wetter than itself.  We are not responsible for this as it is an inherent characteristic of wood; we give this information so you can make informed decisions about using wood.