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Planed Timber
All Prices Inclusive of VAT @ 20%


All timber pressure treated with Tanalith E





We keep a limited range of planed, kiln-dried redwood in stock - primarily those sizes used for making and hanging gates. The majority is planed square edge (PSE).

For 'Tanalised' Tongue & Grooved Shiplap and Matchboard, please see the Cladding section.


Name Description Price
32 x 12 mm PSE 1040 mm £0.96 each
45 x 19 mm PSE 3.9 m £0.90 per metre
70 x 19 mm PSE 3.9 m £1.20 per metre
145 x 19 mm PSE 3.6 m £2.40 per metre
110 x 28 mm PSE 5.1 m £2.64 per metre
95 x 45 mm PSE 4.8 m £3.30 per metre
145 x 45 mm PSE 4.8 m £4.98 per metre
95 x 95 mm eased-edge 1.8, 2.4, 3.0 m £6.60 per metre

Although we can cut to size, all timber is charged per length.

The lengths kept in stock can vary. Although the website is updated on a regular basis, please ring to confirm availability in case of oversites.


PLEASE NOTE: The nature of timber is that it may shrink, split, crack and twist in hot weather as it gives up moisture into an atmosphere drier than itself, and may swell in wet weather, as it takes up moisture from an atmosphere wetter than itself.  We are not responsible for this as it is an inherent characteristic of wood; we give this information so you can make informed decisions about using wood.