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Softwood Beams
All Prices Inclusive of VAT @ 20%

Douglas Fir Beams

Douglas fir is often used in construction as an alternative to oak. We cut Douglas fir beams to order. Beams are currently available in lengths of up to 7.2 m (24 ft). Please see the Douglas Fir Beams page for more information.


Tanalised Mixed Softwood

Softwood timber pressure treated with Tanalith E to ensure a longer service life when used in external applications.

Tanalised softwood beams are available from stock. These are not cut to order, so only limited sizes are available.

Name Description Price
3.0 m 125 x 125 mm £19.69
3.6 m 125 x 125 mm £23.63
3.0 m 150 x 150 mm £28.36
3.6 m 150 x 150 mm £34.02
3.0 m 200 x 200 mm £50.40
3.6 m 200 x 200 mm £60.48
4.8 m 200 x 200 mm £80.64
For green oak beams, please see the Oak Beams page. 


PLEASE NOTE: The nature of timber is that it may shrink, split and crack in hot weather as it gives up moisture into an atmosphere drier than itself, and may swell in wet weather, as it takes up moisture from an atmosphere wetter than itself.  We are not responsible for this as it is an inherent characteristic of wood; we give this information so you can make informed decisions about using wood.