Made To Measure Gates

Framed T&G Gates

Walkers framed pedestrian gates are made in our workshop on site to the following specification:

  • Framed, ledged and braced design
  • 95 x 45 mm kiln-dried redwood frame
  • T&G clad
  • Pressure treated for a longer service life
  • Maximum width of 1300 mm

If you need help in calculating the size of gate you require, please contact us and we will help to work it out.

When ordering made to measure gates, please be aware that the lead time for completion can be four weeks or more when busy.


Our made to measure gates are manufactured from joinery grade softwood and pressure treated with Tanalith preservative. Timber is an entirely natural and variable product which is susceptible to changes when used in an outside environment. In some cases, Tanalised timber can split, twist and warp as it dries out on exposure to sunlight and heat. This is an inherent characteristic of wood which we cannot be responsible for. Coating with an oil-based product is beneficial as it will hold the moisture in and allows the timber to dry at a slower rate. We give this information so informed decisions can be made about purchasing timber gates.

As timber is a natural and variable product that shrinks and swells depending on the moisture content of the surrounding environment, gates must be fitted with reasonable tolerances to allow for seasonal movements. We would always recommend the use of adjustable hinges. As gates are fixed at one end, movement of timber can lead to significant gaps at the end of the gate that is not fixed. This is exacerbated on wider gates and pairs of gates. It is common to have to readjust gates after hanging them.

In summary, we will not be liable for the following:

  • Problems caused by timber movement (including twisting, warping and splitting)
  • Problems caused by alterations or modifications to original gates
  • Problems caused by deliberate or accidental damage to the gates
  • Problems caused by poor installation of the gates, posts, ironwork or other fittings unless we have installed them

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