Terms & Conditions


Our acceptance of your order, either verbally or by email, confirming that we can supply the product is the point at which a contract between you, the buyer, and George Walker Ltd comes into existence.

The principal reasons that would lead to non-acceptance or cancellation of an order will include:

  • The goods you ordered are unavailable from stock.
  • Authorisation for your payment was declined.
  • A pricing or description error of the goods through our mistake.
  • We cannot meet a delivery deadline you have specified.

In every case we will make attempts to contact you using the information you have provided to remedy the situation.

George Walker Ltd reserves the right not to supply goods to any customer without stating the reason.


Samples of products and the images of products on our website and other published materials are for illustrative purposes only. Although we make every effort to display products accurately, we cannot guarantee that samples or images reflect the product to be supplied.

All weights and dimensions quoted are approximate only.

George Walker Ltd will not be liable for any loss or damage which may arise from the use of any of the information contained on our website or other published materials.


Timber is an entirely natural product which exhibits a number of inherent growth characteristics. These are often labelled as imperfections, but their presence does not mean that the timber is defective. They can include variation in grain, colour, knot frequency and knot size.

In addition to these naturally occurring characteristics, the appearance of timber can also be influenced by the production process (sawmilling, drying, machining, etc). Cutting and machining can introduce wane and a variety of marks, while drying can result in splits and checks.

The colour of timber can also vary depending on species, method of treatment, time from cutting, time from treatment and storage conditions. The initial green colour of Tanalised timber slowly weathers to a light brown, and in the longer term becomes a natural silver grey.

Softwood timber contains resin. Changes in temperature and humidity can cause resin to leak from timber, especially in its first year of use. In Tanalised timber this can result in a blue colouration on the surface of the wood at the point of exit. Upon weathering this fades rapidly into the overall colouration of the treated timber.

Splitting is the characteristic of timber that often causes the most concern. Many timber products are prone to splitting, but this does not mean that the product is defective. It is simply an inherent characteristic of timber that rarely affects its structural integrity or inherent strength. Products like fencing timber, sleepers, decking and beams are generally sold in a fresh sawn state, so are liable to split as they dry out after installation. The larger the dimension of the timber, the larger and more obvious the resulting splits. Ultimately, no one is responsible for this, as it is an inherent characteristic of wood. We give this information so informed decisions can be made about using timber.


Our made to measure gates are manufactured from joinery grade softwood and pressure treated with Tanalith preservative. Timber is an entirely natural and variable product which is susceptible to changes when used in an outside environment. In some cases, Tanalised timber can split, twist and warp as it dries out on exposure to sunlight and heat. This is an inherent characteristic of wood which we cannot be responsible for. Coating with an oil-based product is beneficial as it will hold the moisture in and allows the timber to dry at a slower rate. We give this information so informed decisions can be made about purchasing timber gates.

As timber is a natural and variable product that shrinks and swells depending on the moisture content of the surrounding environment, gates must be fitted with reasonable tolerances to allow for seasonal movements. We would always recommend the use of adjustable hinges. As gates are fixed at one end, movement of timber can lead to significant gaps at the end of the gate that is not fixed. This is exacerbated on wider gates and pairs of gates. It is common to have to readjust gates after hanging them.

In summary, we will not be liable for the following:

  • Problems caused by timber movement (including twisting, warping and splitting)
  • Problems caused by alterations or modifications to original gates
  • Problems caused by deliberate or accidental damage to the gates
  • Problems caused by poor installation of the gates, posts, ironwork or other fittings unless we have installed them


George Walker Ltd shall sell and invoice goods at the prices ruling at the date of order placement, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

All prices stated are liable to change without prior notification.

Quotations are based on current prices and will be held for 14 days from date of quotation, after which they may be varied due to justifiable increases in costs without notice to the prices ruling at the time of placing the order.

Unless otherwise stated, prices include VAT (including those on our websites and paper price lists), which will be charged at the rate applying at the time of payment.

The price of goods quoted excludes delivery unless otherwise stated. 


All products are subject to availability. We will inform you as soon as possible if the goods you have ordered are not available by either email or telephone.

Non-stock items and those that are cut or made to your specification are subject to extended lead times and may attract additional costs.


All goods must be paid for on collection or before delivery unless we are making/cutting goods to order. For manufacturing or cutting orders we require payment prior to starting.  

For standard stock orders, payment can be made by:

  • Cash: on or before the day of collection/delivery.
  • Card: on or before the day of collection/delivery, either in person or over the phone. However, we reserve the right to refuse payment by card over the phone for immediate collection due to the risk of fraud. For certain transactions we may ask for an alternative payment by BACS or in person using chip and pin.  
  • BACS: provided sufficient time is given to view cleared funds in our account. This is our preferred method of payment for large orders.

All goods remain the property of George Walker Ltd until paid for in full. Refunds will only be made by the same method as the original payment.  


All delivery and lead times quoted are estimates only. Whilst all reasonable endeavours will be made to ensure prompt delivery, the time of delivery quoted shall not be a term of the contract, and no liability for late delivery will be accepted.

We aim to deliver on a mutually convenient day, but the location of delivery, the size and nature of the order and our existing delivery commitments can influence the lead time for delivery. Although we can book a day for delivery, we cannot guarantee a time.

George Walker Ltd reserves the right to refuse delivery if we feel it is unsafe, unlawful, unreasonably difficult, or the premises or access to them are unsuitable for our vehicle.

If payment is not made on delivery, the goods will be returned to George Walker Ltd and an additional delivery charge incurred for returning with the goods at a later date.

How we deliver

We typically deliver goods on a 12 tonne lorry with crane. If access to your delivery address is restricted, please let us know when placing your order.

Delivery is kerbside only, or as close as the driver can safely reach while remaining on a hard road surface. Our delivery service does not include the movement of timber away from the kerbside to another location on your property. Any decision relating to the safety of delivery beyond kerbside is at the individual driver's discretion. Please note the following:

  • our delivery service does not include the manual carrying of timber to any location on your property
  • our delivery vehicle will not leave a hard surface to fulfill a delivery (ie. across a grass verge, field or similar)
  • our delivery driver will not squeeze through a narrow gate or down a narrow drive if he is not confident that it is safe to do so

If you request that our driver to take the delivery vehicle beyond kerbside onto your property and he agrees, we will not be held liable for the cost of any damage caused to your property (or services running beneath your property) by the vehicle or driver.

Accepting delivery

If you are happy for us to leave your goods, you do not have to be in to accept delivery.  However, once the goods have been delivered to your premises, ownership and liabilities arising from ownership transfer from us to you.


Any shortages must be reported within 7 days of delivery. George Walker Ltd will not be liable for any claim for loss arising from short delivery.


If you are collecting goods from our premises, we have a forklift and trained staff available to help when loading your vehicle. Please ask for assistance at the sales counter if additional help is required. Although we can help, you are solely responsible for the safe loading of your vehicle, with respect to the weight, size, positioning and securing of any product. George Walker Ltd reserves the right to refuse to load goods by forklift if we feel it is unsafe or unreasonably difficult.


Cancellation of orders is possible for stock goods at any time up until the point of delivery or collection. However, cancellation cannot be accepted by George Walker Ltd in respect of the following:

  • Goods or materials especially ordered for the buyer.
  • Goods or materials especially manufactured or cut for the buyer.
  • Goods or materials already despatched to the buyer.

George Walker Ltd may cancel or suspend an order if you fail to make payment when due.


Should you wish to return anything bought from us, we will happily offer a refund or exchange provided the product is in good condition and fit for resale, and you contact us within 28 days of delivery or collection. If we find on examination that the goods are damaged or otherwise unsuitable for resale, we reserve the right to refuse a refund or exchange.

Please be aware, George Walker Ltd will only refund goods under the following terms:

  • The goods must be accompanied by the original invoice.
  • Refunds will only be made by the same method as the original payment.
  • Card refunds will only be returned to the same card, BACS payments to the same account
  • If required, collection of goods will be subject to a charge.

Your right to return goods excludes products which have been made or cut to your specification unless these are found to be damaged or faulty (please see below for claims).


If you believe that we have delivered goods which are defective in material or workmanship, you must:

  • inform us in writing with full details within 7 days of receipt of goods
  • allow us to examine the goods (we may need access to your premises and product samples).

If the goods are found to be defective in material or workmanship following our examination, we will (at our option) repair the goods, replace the goods or refund the price.

The customer shall be deemed to have accepted the goods if they retain them for more than 7 days without notifying George Walker Ltd that they have been rejected.

No claims can be considered if the goods have been changed in any way from the form in which they were supplied. Any further machining or cutting or processing will be deemed as acceptance of the goods.

George Walker Ltd will not be liable for any claim for loss arising from damaged or defective goods

George Walker Ltd accepts no responsibility for the calculation of quantities, measurements or dimensions, as these must be checked by the customer prior to placing the order and remain the responsibility of the customer. By placing an order, the customer accepts all responsibility and liability for the quantities, measurements or dimensions ordered.