Driveway Gates

Made to Measure Gates

Walkers driveway gates are made to order to suit your requirements. As such, there may be a lead time for completion of approximately four to five weeks when we are busy.

Specification as follows:

  • Planed, Scandinavian redwood
  • Mortice & tenon joints
  • 45/60 mm frame
  • Pressure treated with Tanalith preservative

Due to the larger size of driveway gates and the increased risk of twisting, gates of 1.5 m wide and above are only made with a 60 mm frame. 


The nature of timber is that it may shrink, split, twist and crack in hot weather as it gives up moisture to an atmosphere drier than itself, and may swell in wet weather as it takes up moisture from an atmosphere wetter than itself. We are not responsible for this, as it is an inherent characteristic of wood.

The nature of timber dictates that Tanalised softwood gates may shrink and twist as they dry out. We give you this information so that you can make informed decisions before purchasing any of our gates.